On Your Wedding Day - How you Can be Ready for Your Wedding Photographer

On the morning of your wedding , your photographer will want to photograph all of those lovely details your have chosen for your wedding day - your jewellery, flowers, dress, shoes and of course your wedding invitations.

All of these beautiful details will help to tell the story of your day and when you see them laid out in your wedding album, it will bring back all of the memories of a beautiful day.

So what do you need to have ready for your photographer on the day? We always advise that you leave everything to one side the night before the wedding. That way, you can concentrate on getting ready and leave it to your photographer to get those perfect shots!

1. Wedding Dress

We advise that you hang your dress, without its cover somewhere that you would like it to be photographed. Your photographer can always move it with your bridesmaid help if they need to. If your dress came on a simple black hanger, there are some seriously pretty hangers available on Etsy that you could order. It is all about those little details!

2. Flowers

Once your florist has delivered your flowers, it is a good idea to leave them in some water until about 30 minutes before you leave for your ceremony. Be careful to pat them dry, so your dress doesn't get wet and they are all ready to be photographed.

3. Shoes and Jewellery

Ahead of the day, think of anything else that is special to you, that you would like photographed and make a list. It may be a family heirloom, earrings from your mum or your something blue. And of course your shoes, dont forget your shoes! They make a wonderful photograph, so pretty!

4. Engagement Ring

A ring shot is definitely one of our favourites, even better if you have both yours and your grooms to be's wedding ring as well. You could always discreetly pass it to a groomsman when you arrive at the ceremony!


5. Invitations

Your invitations often get the ball rolling for your wedding plans. You spend so much time choosing your scheme, incorporating it into your invitation suite and it would be a shame not to get a photograph of them for your wedding album. When you are sending out your invitations remember to keep a blank one safe for your photographer and have it with you on the day of the  wedding!

Now you are all prepared, go back and enjoy the rest of your planning!

Happy Monday xx

Images courtesy of www.eden-photography.com