When You Should Send Out Your Thank You Cards

Typically your thank you cards should be sent out about 8 weeks after your wedding, although couples can often take longer than this. It is all about setting aside the time to do it together and half the workload, now that you are husband and wife. For our Thank You cards we aimed to write a certain number every day and it was very overwhelming to do them all in one sitting.

Our top tips are below!

1. Working from your guest list spread sheet, tick them off as you write them and you will also have all of your addresses to hand as well.

2. How about getting your printers to address the labels for you - this is easily done with a spreadsheet and some organisation and will save you loads of time!

3. Why not order your Thank You cards when you are ordering your wedding invitations and you can continue the theme and design right through your wedding, from beginning to end

4. Alternatively you could also use some photographs from your wedding to grace your Thank You cards. It can be a very personal touch and your guests will love to see the photographs. If you have taken a group photograph at the wedding, this can work well on the reverse of your card as well.

5. Be sure to order more than you need. This allows you to make some errors and know that you are covered. You might like to send a card to others who were involved in your day - your florist or photographer, so it is always a good idea to have some spare cards to hand.