How soon is too soon to start planning your wedding invitations?



The answer to this of course is it is never too soon! How did you know I was going  to say that!! For my own wedding, our wedding invitation suite was one of the first elements of the wedding that I organised and prioritised.

Picking a colour scheme for our wedding through our invitations helped set the tone for the day and gave others involved, like our wonderful florist Colette and idea of what our day would be like; and what colours I really loved.

It also was a great help in bridesmaid dress shopping. We decided that we wanted the girls to all wear different coloured dresses and having s colour palette to work from made the whole shopping experience much easier and enjoyable!!

We only gave ourselves a little over three months to plan our wedding. Invitations needed to be organised so that our guests had enough notice. And once we decided on those, other decisions flowed from that and made planning our day much more streamlined and structured. 

Give yourself enough time to make the right decision. Use Pinterest and Instagram to decide what you like. You will know early on if you are more attracted to traditional design or whether you are drawn to what is modern and new. Once you decide between both of those look at what colours you like. Will they fit in with your day, your choice of venue, yours style of dress? And as you plan the rest of your wedding keep those colours in mind. Carry your wedding invitation with you and use it to guide your decisions on decor, cakes and all the other elements that will, bring your day to life. Use the invitations as a template of your day, what it is you want your wedding to say - stylish, natural, elegant, bold and modern or chic and classic. 

Use them as a guide for your decisions and you can't go wrong!!



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