Top 5 Wedding Invitation Etiquette Tips Explained


In this modern age where email is so prevalent the art of writing a letter is almost a lost one! For this reason when it comes to writing your wedding invitations there are certain traditions that should be remembered and we are here to help with a quick top 5 tips on how to write your wedding invitations!


1. Leave Plenty of Time to Send them Out

The usual etiquette is that you should send out your wedding invitations at least 6 weeks before your wedding. This should give your guests adequate time to reply and for you to finalise your numbers. You might want to add an extra week or two for guests who live overseas.

2. To Send RSVP's or Not?

It has not always been the norm to send out RSVP cards to your guests in Ireland but it is increasingly becoming so. Brides have found that it helps to ensure a speedy reply from your guests as to whether they are coming or not! You don't have to stamp the RSVPs but some couples choose to, to make a reply easier for everyone.

3. How to Address your Guests.

It is best to address your guests in a formal way when addressing your envelopes - using "Mr", Mrs" or "Ms". However when you write the actual invite you should address your guests by their first names.

4. Getting it Right First Time

Plan plenty of time ahead in writing your guest list, so that when you sit down to writing what is probably a large bundle of invitations, you don't miss anyone out! It can get very confusing very quickly if you are not organised.

5. Allow for Mistakes

Nothing is worse than running out of invitations because you have made spelling mistakes or due to mishaps. Always order 20-30 extra invitations than you need and you wont regret it. If you have spares left over, they make lovely keepsakes and your photographer will always be glad on the day to photograph a nice crisp and clean wedding invitation.

I hope these tips help and best of luck with the writing!

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